Whose Wives Are They Anyway

David and John, two executives of a cosmetic company, plan a golfing weekend without their wives. When their new boss, Ms. Hutchison, shows up at the same resort, she insists on meeting their wives. Desperate to produce them, John persuades the receptionist to be his wife and David recruits John to be his! Hilarious chaos ensues when their real wives arrive.

From the writer of Hotbed Hotel & The Sensuous Senator.

‘Has everything an audience could ever want in a good time at the theatre. A laugh a minute; fabulous performances; ridiculous sight gags; a woman in her underwear and a man in drag.’ –- Seaway News

‘Fast paced and howlingly funny. Misconceptions and mixed up identities abound. The audience is as hysterical as the characters. Just sit back, take it all in, and get ready to laugh loudly, long and often.’ — Morrisburg Leader

‘I have been attending live theatre for more than 40 years. Tonight’s show was by far the most entertaining acting that I have ever seen. We laughed until we had tears in our eyes. Thank you to each and everyone associated with the show’ — J & M Ottawa